Difference between Google Panda and Google Penguin

In the world of Internet marketing both Google Panda and Google Penguin have made their own space as they are quite distinctive in their features but specially designed for one purpose; that is to control web spam and put up genuine websites on the page ranking in the SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages). While discussing Google Panda then we can say that it is such an algorithm which is more about finding the quality content on the web pages […]


Google Penguin

We all know that Google is the best tool for searching any information on internet but while we see the search results on the pages within seconds which is a rigorous effort made by the algorithms that provide us the best possible and matching search results for our keyword input. Among such various algorithms Google Penguin which has been incorporated as a new code from Google in the year 2012 which will decrease the rankings of those websites who offend […]


Google Panda

Search Engine giant Google has always been known for its frequent alterations in it scrawling rules and in recent time it has introduced Google Panda which is a new change of the algorithms which are an integral factor for search engine results for a filtered and more accurate page ranking. Google Panda was introduced in the year 2011 in the month of February and the motive was to lessen the inappropriate and low quality sites from the search engine result […]


Google Next Big Penguin Update Launching Soon

According to the Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, who has recently twitted about next penguin update and announced that Google is ready with the Penguin 2.0 Update #4. The announcement is not an official from Google but it is clear that once again, Google is ready to shake the web search and change the behaviour of search for the billions of site in the world. Matt Cutts said, “we do expect to roll out Penguin 2.0 (next generation […]

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Google Panda – Search Results Ranking Algorithm

What is Google Panda Algorithm? Google Panda is created to alter the Google Search Engine’s ranking algorithm, which has been implemented in the search results ranking from February 2011. It was purely targeted to boost the good quality sites by growing their rank in search result and decreasing the rank of those sites which are “low-quality sites” or “thin sites” in terms of content. Panda Update from Google is developed primarily to provide right and rich user experience in terms of search […]