Difference between Google Panda and Google Penguin

In the world of Internet marketing both Google Panda and Google Penguin have made their own space as they are quite distinctive in their features but specially designed for one purpose; that is to control web spam and put up genuine websites on the page ranking in the SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages).

While discussing Google Panda then we can say that it is such an algorithm which is more about finding the quality content on the web pages and it mostly penalize those sites which add low-valuecontent for users, which are mostly copied from other websites or portals that are just not uniqueat all. Along with that it will also provide better rankings for high-quality sites with original content and well researchedinformation, and analytical reports displayed on it.

Whereas Google Penguin is concerned about incorporating more White Hat SEO on the websites and maintain site’s genuineness applying the webmaster’s guidelines on them. Google penguin penalize those sites which fake page ranking over keyword stuffing in internal or outbound links and promote their site through low-quality article marketing andthey also opt for blog spamming,. These sites take help of Black Hat SEO with forcefullymatchingexact- anchor text of other popular sites and misusing of exact-matched domains with their site.

Panda was released before Penguin and it determined the website’s quality on the basis of user experience and quality content and not finding it eventually down ranked the sites, on the other hand Penguin removes the site from the SERPs if it finds the site following Black Hat SEO strategies and misusing the link building strategies to boost up page rankings to target visitors. Both Panda and Penguin share the same motive to rank more credible sites in order to reduce web spam and provide more filtered search to its visitors.