Google Panda

Search Engine giant Google has always been known for its frequent alterations in it scrawling rules and in recent time it has introduced Google Panda which is a new change of the algorithms which are an integral factor for search engine results for a filtered and more accurate page ranking.

Google Panda was introduced in the year 2011 in the month of February and the motive was to lessen the inappropriate and low quality sites from the search engine result pages and to boost the more numbers of genuine sites so that the visitors can get a better search result of their keyword input based search. And as a matter of fact it has been taken into notice that after application of Google Panda the number of low quality sites has been reduced to 14 percent in the search results and genuine sites are getting placed in the page rankings.

Google panda is also concerned with ethical SEO techniques and most importantly incorporating unique and quality content on the web pages. This application is judging the websites on its trustworthiness, designs, navigation, quality and speed.

Matt Cutts, (Web spam Honcho of Google) stated that with the use of Google panda the duplicate and poor quality content of any site would not be indexed and eventually it will affect the overall performance of a site, thus we can say that if a website wants to get rankings on the search results they have to follow the strict rules of including quality and genuine content in their web pages, so in other words we can say that it is a warning for all those site owners who are using duplicate content in their website should re-write and incorporate high quality content in their pages so that Panda can include them to rank the website for its visitors.