Google Penguin

We all know that Google is the best tool for searching any information on internet but while we see the search results on the pages within seconds which is a rigorous effort made by the algorithms that provide us the best possible and matching search results for our keyword input.

Among such various algorithms Google Penguin which has been incorporated as a new code from Google in the year 2012 which will decrease the rankings of those websites who offend the Google webmaster guidelines and do not follow the ethical rules of Search Engine Optimization. These days’ website owners have been negatively smart and opting for the Black Hat SEO techniques to get higher page rank on Google search results. They often use other links that point them and make a fake ranking to fool the visitors.

Google penguin has been successful in catching these websites on the worldwide platform and filtering millions of websites which are using these unethical ways of Search Engine Optimization and they are being caught and been removed from the search results. This is a huge step taken by Google Corporation who dedicatedly provides its visitors the best of the results based on a certain keyword. There are many people in this world, who do not use English language rather than use other languages like Chinese, German and Arabic and these sites have also been taken under scanner.

Google Penguin has been working since 2012 to reduce huge web spam and get the best results based on the keywords search and the websites who are not following the webmaster rules of Google are getting caught by Penguin so that they cannot make any more fake ranking and move the genuine websites behind who are following the ethical SEO which is time consuming but trustworthy.